Robert Donahue

Robert DonahueYes, that's me. I am a partner in Charting Nature with my wife, Jane. We are both  from New York State. Not New York, NY, but upstate New York.  I grew up in Oswego,  a small college town north of Syracuse on Lake Ontario. Jane and I met at SUNY Oswego. After college, I taught high school science for a short time in Rochester, NY and then was offered a job in Washington, DC at the US Naval Observatory. I worked there for a while but we are both small town people and didn't want live and raise our children in a large city like Washington D.C.

I had two brothers in Oregon and had always wanted to see the West Coast, so we packed up and moved west. I worked at the University of Oregon in Eugene  as a programmer analyst and project manager while doing coursework for my MBA. After grad school, I started a software company specializing in law office automation and computer consulting.  It was a challenging business without much of a fun side.

While doing consulting work with a publishing company that produced fish, bird and wildlife posters, I finally realized that I felt most comfortable and at home in the natural world and that I enjoyed working with graphics and nature material.  I finally knew after all those years what I wanted to be when I grew up and that led to the founding of Charting Nature.  I can now combine all my computer skills with my interest in and knowledge of the natural world. I enjoy the illustrations, posters and prints and working with people who love the natural world. Through Charting Nature we get joy and fulfillment from selling products that move us and move our customers.  We were meant for each other.