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Charting Nature Products

Since 1997, Charting Nature has been a major supplier of botanical illustration art prints, bird prints, fish  prints, posters, books, and gift items to the internet community. Our customers are DIY consumers, decorators and speciality gift stores.

Vintage Botanical Art Print Illustrations

In the late 18th century the development of the printing process called lithography, coupled with an exploding middle class in Victorian England, led to a proliferation of manuals, weekly magazines, and monthly periodicals devoted to gardening and horticulture. Always hungry to see new species of exotic plants, the English public devoured these high quality, aesthetically pleasing and scientifically accurate publications. Their popularity continued through the 19th century, but they gradually disappeared with the advent of offset printing and photography. Charting Nature specializes in the restoration and reproduction of these vintage botanical illustrations. Each illustration is painstakingly restored to as close to its original appearance as possible and through modern printing methods undreamt of by the original artists, is available in a variety of sizes and formats.

Bird Illustrations by Audubon and Fuertes

Between 1827 and 1838, James Audubon, the American ornithologist and naturalist, published The Birds of America. Containing life-sized portraits of 1,065 individual birds, it was published in four volumes and was an unprecedented undertaking at the time. We offer a selection of over one hundred reproductions of the most popular prints from this collection. In addition, We have a large collection of antique bird prints from turn of the 19th century illustrations by another early American ornithologist, renowned artist Louis Agassiz Fuertes. As a young man, Fuertes was fascinated by birds. His father took him to the library to study Audubon's Birds of America. Afterwards, he began drawing birds and never stopped.

Fish Prints

We offer a large selection of fish art prints, fish poster prints, and seafood guides. Our antique fish prints from mid 1800s and early 1900s are biologically accurate and colorfully illustrated. Charting Nature represents renowned artist B. Guild Gillespie. Her fish illustrations are biologically accurate and colorfull. Each fish is painted using an intricate layering technique, accurate to scale and finray count. A set of fish prints makes an ideal gift for the fisherman and stunning wall decor for the home, office and business.

Nature Posters

We offer Fish, Wildbird and Tree Posters. Besides being beautiful art, these identification charts are colorfully illustrated and scientifically accurate. Great gifts for the hiker, fisherman or birder on your list!

· Joseph Tomelleri’s Trout Posters/ Prints
· Regional Game Fish Identification Posters
· Saltwater Game Fish Identification Posters
· Marine Mammals and Fish
· Wildbird Identification Charts


Note Card Sets  

A large selection of wildbird, flower, fern, mushroom, orchid, fruit, rose, fish and shellfish card sets.

Each set includes 8 assorted cards printed on high quality ecru vellum packed in a clear plastic box with a festive gold bow. One size fits all! Always appropriate, always in style, sure to please.