We license our fish illustrations and images for advertisements, magazine articles, books, websites, and a variety of other uses. Brenda Guild Gillespie, our illustrator, has a zoology degree and an M.S. in Environmental Education.

Brenda has been painting technical illustrations of fishes since 1979. They're accurate to scale and fin-ray count. Her illustrations are published throughout Canada and internationally, by clients such as the Monterrey Bay Aquarium , the David Suzuki Foundation , the Smithsonian , Seafood Choices Alliance , as well as many smaller organizations. They're used for posters, brochures, books, maps, fish I.D. and nature guides, art prints, and more.

In addition to the 150+ illustrations currently available, we welcome commissions for new images.

Fish Illustration Licensing

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Dungeness Crab Image
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Striped Bass Image
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Black Sea Bass Image
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American Eel Image
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Brook Trout Image
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