5 Creative Gifts For Your Botanical Loving Valentine in 2022

5 Creative Gifts For Your Botanical Loving Valentine in 2022
5 Creative Gifts For Your Botanical Loving Valentine in 2022
Valentine's Day is coming up and we have the perfect gift ideas for you to surprise your botanical loving Valentine. This year, skip the over-commercialized and over-produced teddy bears and boxed chocolates, and get creative with your gifting. These presents won't end up stuffed away in a closet or dead in the trashcan, and you'll even be supporting local small businesses as well! Ranging from $20 - $40, you'll get to share your love in a truly heartfelt, creative and sentimental way which oftentimes means more to people than an expensive price tag. Shop for your botanical loving Valentine below!

Botanical Flower Prints
We all love getting flowers for Valentine's Day, but watching them die is usually a bummer. With our vintage floral prints, your botanical loving Valentine will be able to enjoy their gift year round! We have hundreds of different choices when it comes to flowers, so you can be sure to get their absolute favorite. Want to keep it classic? Pick out some red roses, or find something unique like a Saffron Lily. Don't forget to tell them how much you love them in a love letter, which could be written in our floral notecards.

Pressed Flower Jewelry
This beautiful, hand made resin jewelry has real plants pressed and preserved within it so it will last forever, (hopefully) just like your love. Bergamot Daydreams has many different botanicals to choose from, including lavender, pansies and wildflowers - all just around $20. 

Mushroom Illustration Hoodie
If your Valentine is a mushroom lover, this hoodie is perfect for them! This unisex hoodie is from Melodia Gallery, where she also feature things like stickers, pillows, t-shirts and so many more creations made from her artwork. 

Botanical Tote Bags
Britain Illustrated is a shop in the UK that has many different types of botanically illustrated tote bags. Tote bags are a wonderful gift because of how multifunctional they are - add a cute scientific illustration to it and it's perfect for any plant lover! You could even put the rest of your Valentine's gifts in the tote bag to get extra creative points.

Botanical Candle
Candles are never a bad choice for Valentine's Say. These hand-made soy candles feature naturally dried botanicals arranged within them, giving a lovely scent as well as a beautiful look! Surprise your Valentine with these candles not just by gifting them, but by having them lit when they enter the room for an extra romantic ambience.

Want to win something special for Valentine's Day?

We're giving away a mushroom print over on our instagram! Head over to this link for details on how to enter! A winner will be chosen on Valentine's Day~

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