Vintage Rose Art Print - French Provincial

The Heirloom Rose Prints we sell are restored chromolithograph illustrations from Belgian and French publications (1868-1923) of botanical art. Collectors of botanical art, as well as serious gardeners, subscribed to these periodicals, which were released in monthly installments. They make great vintage floral wall art decor.

Standard Print Sizes: 5"x7", 8"x10", or 11"x14". Printed on a light cream archival paper using archival ink.

Ordered alone, double-matted, or matted and framed.

Money-back guarantee.

    Rose Prints

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    Tea Rose, Pink
    SKU: 7724s8x10
    Red Tea Rose
    SKU: 7728s8x10
    Tea Rose, White
    SKU: 7725s8x10
    Tea Rose, Yellow
    SKU: 7726s8x10
    Red Tea Rose
    SKU: 7727s8x10
    Thornless Rose
    SKU: 7730s8x10
    Triomphe de Margottin
    SKU: 6054s8x10
    Turnip Rose
    SKU: 7731s8x10
    White Rose
    SKU: 7733s8x10
    Wichuraiana rubra
    SKU: 6013s8x10
    Yellow Rose
    SKU: 7732s8x10
    Red Rose Prints. Matched Set of 4
    SKU: 9502p7728-7731-7703-7727s8x10