Mushroom Art Prints

Beautifully restored mushroom art are from nineteenth-century identification charts and antique prints. These scientifically accurate and artistically appealing mushroom prints seem to rise from the paper to greet you. Wall art decor for the gourmet cook, mycologist, fungi enthusiast or just general art lover, these mushroom prints add grace (and a touch of whimsey) to any decor.

  • Standard Print Sizes: 5"x7", 8"x10", or 11"x14"
  • Printed on a light cream archival paper using archival ink
  • Ordered alone, in sets, double-matted, or matted and framed.
  • Money-back guarantee

Mushroom Prints

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Sicken Mushroom
SKU: 6345s8x10
Slippery Jack Mushroom
SKU: 6357s8x10
St Georges Mushroom
SKU: 6338s8x10
Sulfur Tuft Mushroom
SKU: 6337s8x10
White Button Mushroom
SKU: 6331s8x10
Vintage Mushroom Print Set
SKU: 9401p6348-6334-6352-6361
Vintage Mushroom Wall Art Print Set
SKU: 9402p6334-6352-6361s8x10