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Peony, White
SKU: 6151s8x10
Sweet Pea, Perennial
SKU: 6825s8x10
Hydrangea, Hortensia
SKU: 6764s8x10
Peony, Tree
SKU: 6150s8x10
Peony Print Set
SKU: 9215p6151-6152-6114-6812s8x10
Sweet William
SKU: 6144s8x10
SKU: 6110s8x10
Bleeding Heart
SKU: 6142s8x10
Anemone, Rose, Clematis
SKU: 6720s8x10
SKU: 6178s8x10
SKU: 6829s8x10
Tulip, Garden
SKU: 6190s8x10
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Indigo Bunting
Belinda Mitchell
Favorite print

It is a beautiful print and framed is even more beautiful!

It is a great poster

Only minor issue is that the size is a bit smaller that 24*36 which makes framing a bit tricky

Hummingbird, Anna's
Karen Belanger

We framed our prints and they look wonderful!

Northwest Conifers Tree Poster Identification Chart

I've shared before that I was very disappointed in the quality. I wanted to use it for education and identification. The color is so muted, there is so little definition that it is hard to read and not very usable.

It is perhaps under exposed, no pop.

Perhaps is was a printer mishap or maybe it just is what it is. The image on the little sales poster seemed much more vibrant.

For staff and visitor info it will not be of much use for us. Thanks.
It was offered that I return it, which I think I will

Beautiful bird prints

The bird prints have a vintage look. So pretty.