Fish Illustrations in the Gloucester Harbor Walk

Fish Illustrations in the Gloucester Harbor Walk

America’s oldest seaport has opened a historical walk focusing on its landmarks and assets.  This one and a half mile walk begins at St. Peter’s Square and traverses the working waterfront, the downtown commercial district, and cultural sites.  The HarborWalk includes refurbished buildings and historical public spaces to highlight Gloucester Harbor’s contemporary character while respecting the authenticity of its history. 

The HarborWalk features 42 permanent informational markers throughout the walk.  Each marker tells about the history and significance of the landmark or artifact it is paired.  Here is where you will find four scientific fish illustrations contributed by Charting Nature to tell more about the ocean ecology and fishing practices of Gloucester Harbor and its historical and cultural interweaving with life in the port.

Each of the informational markers also has a QR code that can be scanned to bring up additional links for information about the specific landmark.  Links to interpretive sites, museums, and artifacts are available via these QR codes when scanned with a smartphone. 

The Gloucester HarborWalk is a great way to physically interact with history and experience it as connected with the present.


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  • Robert Donahue