Vintage Fern Botanical Print
Restored Vintage Botanical Fern Prints. Antique look, old world character and vintage charm Standard Print Sizes: 5"x7", 8"x10", and 11"x14" Giclee Prints: archival ink, heavyweight acid free archival quality paper Unmatted, matted or framed Fern prints have a timeless appeal. They never seem to go out of style. For cool, soothing wall decor, you can't beat fern art.

Fern Prints

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California Gold Fern
SKU: 6254s8x10
Chamisso Shield Fern
SKU: 8012s8x10
Christmas Shield Fern
SKU: 6300s8x10
Cinnamon-Royal Fern
SKU: 6280s8x10
Cliff Brake Fern
SKU: 6271s8x10
Cliff Brake Ferns
SKU: 6275s8x10
Common Brake
SKU: 6281s8x10
Common Polypody Fern
SKU: 6252s8x10
Common Woodsia Fern
SKU: 6298s8x10
Crested Fern
SKU: 6276s8x10
Florida Wood Fern
SKU: 8005s8x10
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Lady Fern Print

Excellent graphic and paper quality at a good price. Iā€™m looking forward to getting it back from the framer!

Fern notecards

These notecards are simply beautiful! The images are stunning. My plans are to frame them!!!

Love my bird print

No problems. It looks great. I had my own frame. Very nice paper.

Great Print

The print is beautiful I was a little concerned about the lack of email confirmations, but overall delivered on time and looks great!