Tomelleri Calendar Trout Prints

Fishermen and nature enthusiasts alike enjoy 24 Western Trout Prints from Tomelleri's Calendar "Trout of North America". It celebrates the passion of angling through a marriage of exquisite artwork and natural history; all displayed in a handsome format.

This series of 12"x16" matted Tomelleri Trout prints captures the trouts' vivid coloration and proportion in scientific detail. Great when hung in a set. Add some mesmerizing trout wall decor to your home, office or cabin today

Tomelleri Trout Prints

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Brown Trout
SKU: 300s12x16cream
Brown Trout
SKU: 272s12x16cream
Brown Trout
SKU: 233s12x16cream
Brook Trout
SKU: 313s12x16cream
Brook Trout
SKU: 232s12x16cream
Bear Lake Cutthroat Trout
SKU: 314s12x16cream
Artic Char
SKU: 315s12x16cream
Arroyo la Sidra Trout
SKU: 317s12x16cream
Arctic Grayling
SKU: 301s12x16cream
Apache Trout
SKU: 231s12x16cream
Alvord Cutthroat
SKU: 250s12x16cream
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On the wall of a house of folks doing reforestation work.

This purchase was a gift.

Lost Order and Poor Customer Service

When I originally ordered, my package was never delivered. I received an email requesting a review of the business/product I “received 19 days ago” with the additional message “Negative ratings and reviews punish us forever for things that we either can't control or maybe could easily fix if given the chance.” I called the support line multiple times with no answer. I left voicemails requesting a call back with my contact information. I left an email. No response. I called the following day and left yet another message saying I would be reporting them for fraud if I did not receive some kind of response. A day or two later, I finally got a callback from an annoyed and rude toned woman asking if maybe I had just missed it on my very flat and very empty porch. As I told her, I did in fact look in all the places it could’ve been, including not on the porch— A large poster tube is hard to miss. She eventually said she would resend the order and it should be there in about three days as the last one should have. She then asked “so are we good?”. Like really? Charting Nature gets two stars because the replacement *did* arrive and the product is not terrible. They loose three stars for the *rudeness* shown to me when the order did not arrive and they did not respond to my help requests for DAYS. If you like their products and don’t mind having to fight to have the product actually delivered, go ahead…. Order…

Woodpecker, Downy
Susan Broughton

Woodpecker, Downy

Vanda spathulata
John Tynan
Orchid Prints

They were great. Expertly mounted. Will use again.

Indigo Bunting
Belinda Mitchell
Favorite print

It is a beautiful print and framed is even more beautiful!