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Vintage Orchid Print

Vintage orchid prints are lasting, in terms of popular botanical illustrations and nature wall decor. Since ancient times, the orchid has symbolized beauty, luxury, and love. The word orchid comes from the Greek orkhis, meaning testicle, and signified virility and fertility. The early Greeks used the roots as an aphrodisiac in love potions, a practice which endured for centuries. This intoxicating flower, here beautifully reproduced print form, is due to the fact orchids retain their romantic allure even today. 

· Standard Print Sizes: 5"x7", 8"x10", or 11"x14".
· Printed on a light cream archival paper using archival ink.
· Order print alone, double-matted, or matted and framed.
· Money back guarantee.

    Orchid Prints

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    Bartrams Tree Orchis
    SKU: 6542s8x10
    Cattleya aliciae
    SKU: 6498s8x10
    Cattleya mossiae
    SKU: 6502s8x10
    Cattleya mossiae
    SKU: 6484s8x10
    Cattleya trianae
    SKU: 6528s8x10
    Cymbidium tigrinum
    SKU: 6589s8x10
    Cypripedium albertianum
    SKU: 6564s8x10
    Cypripedium Drapsianum
    SKU: 6554s8x10
    Cypripedium exul
    SKU: 6575s8x10
    Cypripedium Glonerianum
    SKU: 6582s8x10
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    The prints are high quality

    Wood Ducks

    Simply beautiful and gorgeous. Thank you.

    Great Service to match the product

    Ordered a large print which I had converted to poster. An initial USPS shipping problem was reported, and corrected immediately.
    Overall: a high quality product combined with very responsive service.


    Lovely quality, beautiful.

    The mini-poster was in fact very mini!