Brenda Guild Gillespie

Brenda Guild Gillespie Charting Nature fish shelfish printsBrenda Guild Gillespie is a well-known fish and shellfish illustrator and one of our online store's featured artists. Brenda grew up in the Canadian Rockies and only discovered the marvels of the sea coast in her mid-teens. While in college, she received her B.S. in Zoology and her M.S. in Environmental Education.
dungeness crab shellfish illustration brenda guild gillespie charting nature
She began illustrating fishes and shellfish in 1979, taking a contract for a seafood marketing booklet as a way to test her abilities. She quickly learned why most wildlife artists stick to birds and mammals - the colors and sheen of aquatic life are tricky; the shapes of shellfishes, in particular, are quite complicated.

Her growing library of images are used for food marketing as well as educational, scientific, souvenir, and decorative purposes. She paints each species in technically accurate detail using intricate layering techniques and enjoys imagining their mysterious oceanic lives. She currently lives in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.
mussels shellfish illustration charting nature brenda guild gillespie
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