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What is sustainable fishing and why should we care?

Scientists and conservation groups report that unsustainable fishing practices and habitat destruction are threatening many fisheries with worldwide collapse. It’s been estimated that a third of assessed global fish stocks are overfished, and this proportion is steadily increasing.

Whether we live near or far from the oceans, our lives depend on them. Healthy oceans and fisheries are essential for life.  We must act. Part of that is recognizing which marine species we can still responsibly harvest.

“A Seafood Lover's Guide to Sustainable Fish Choices” and “…Guide to Sustainable Shellfish Choices” can help to identify smart choices we can make. Created by artist Brenda Gillespie, they showcase the most common commercial species (throughout the continental USA and Canada) that are grown and harvested in ways that respect their natural cycles and habitats.

Sustainable species displayed include:

Fish Species: Alaska Pollock, Albacore Tuna, Artic Char, Atlantic Herring, Atlantic Mackerel, Black Sea Bass, Bluefish, Catfish (Farmed), Chinook (King) Salmon, Chum (Dog or Keta), Coho (Silver) Salmon, Croaker, Haddock, Mahimahi, Pacific Cod, Pacific Halibut, Pacific Sanddab, Pacific Sole, Pink (Humpback) Salmon, Sablefish (Black Cod), Pacific Sardines, Sockeye (Red) Salmon, Striped Bass (Rockfish), Summer Flounder (Fluke), Tilapia U.S. (Farmed), Wahoo (Ono), Weakfish, White Sea Bass, White Sturgeon (Farmed), Wreckfish, and Yellowfish Tuna (Ahi).

Shellfish Species: Abalone, Bay and Sea Scallops, Blue Crab, Clams, Crawfish, Dungeness Crab, King Crab, Mussels (Farmed), Northern Pink Shrimp, Oregon Pink Shrimp, Oysters (Farmed), Rock Crab and Jonah Crab, Shrimp (U.S. Farmed), Snow Crab, Spiny Lobster, Spot Prawns (Trap Caught), Squid (aka Calamari) and Stone Crab.

Joni Lawrence, the Editor/Vice President of Marine Bio.org has this to say about Gillespie’s work:

"MarineBio believes that over fishing is one of the greatest threats to the ocean. But seafood is an important source of protein and it is important to the economic-well being and food security of millions of people worldwide. The best way to ensure that we find a sustainable happy medium is to know which species are sustainable and which ones aren't. These beautiful posters are a great place to start and should be displayed in commercial and home kitchens everywhere."

Teachers can also have an important role - (2) free posters are available for teachers. Since it’s BACK TO SCHOOL, Charting Nature is offering two 12"x36" Posters of Sustainable Fish and Shellfish ($19.95 value) for FREE to teachers. Just pay postage. Enter Promo Code: TEACHERSPOSTERS at checkout. 


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Freshwater Bass Poster
James Henderson
All Three Freshwater Fish Posters

I ordered the Freshwater Bass Poster as well as posters about Trout and Panfish. They are all very nice and accurate. I believe I have had the pleasure of catching 90% of the fish on the posters. I am 85 and too old to get up at dawn to go fishing but these posters remind me of when I could.

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Rick Lee @ Rick Lee's Nature Awareness School
North American Bears and North America Wildlife Posters

Delivered in perfect condition... I love the artist and these 2 posters, and they are a great addition to my Nature Awareness Schools classroom.. I'm very glad I found your company, and I'm sure I'll be ordering from you again, very soon!

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Michele Sefton
Tulip Print

Beautiful print! A lovely addition to my space.

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Joshua Montgomery
Hard To find Product with great service.

Had most of what I needed and fast shipping.
Thank You!