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    Choosing Sustainable Seafood - Fish Poster Choosing Sustainable Seafood -  Fish Poster Choosing Sustainable Seafood - Shellfish Poster Choosing Sustainable Seafood - Shellfish Poster

    We need to take action. Unsustainable fishing practices and habitat destruction are threatening many fisheries with world wide collapse. At the same time, some fisheries remain healthy and productive due to succesful management, responsible harvesting, and advanced fishing practices.

    Choosing sustainable seafood can be challenging, so we've created easy-to-use guides to help you identify smart choices. With fish and shellfish illustrations by reknowned artist Brenda Guild Gillespie and content compiled by Seafood Choices Alliance (a global trade association for the issue of ocean-friendly seafood), our seafood guides are not only packed with solid information that you can use daily, they are works of art.

    Some leaders in the movement for sustainable seafood have spoken out about our guides:

    MarineBio believes that overfishing is one of the greatest threats to the ocean. But seafood is an important source of protein and it is important to the economic-well being and food security of millions of people worldwide. The best way to ensure that we find a sustainable happy medium is to know which species are sustainable and which ones aren't. These beautiful posters are a great place to start and should be displayed in commercial and home kitchens everywhere.

    Joni Lawrence
    Editor/Vice President

    The posters are a great and informative guide for selecting environmentally-sustainable seafood. The artwork is equally impressive.

    Alan Duckworth, PhD
    Research Scientist
    Blue Ocean Institute

    We sell individual fish prints and license our fish images for advertisements, magazine articles, books, websites and a variety of other uses. For more information see:

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