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    British & American Game-Birds

    Originally published in 1939, covers 26 British & American game birds, their habitats, coloring, size, shape, & the best methods for hunting them. 20 color plates featuring watercolors by Philip Rickman; 7x10 inches, 104 pgs.

    Item No:
    B3737 Softcover 1
    ISBN: 1-56833-138-X
    Author: H. B. C. Pollard
    $19.95 $18.75


    Originally published in London by Eyre & Spottiswoode in 1939, the first Derrydale edition was published in the same year. Illustrated with twenty color plates featuring watercolors by Philip Rickman of various game birds, the book provides an introduction to 26 British and American game birds, their habitat, coloring, size, shape, and the best methods for hunting them. There are chapters on Canada geese, grouse, partridge, bobwhite, pheasant, turkey, ruffed grouse, woodcock, and eight different species of duck. Novice and experienced hunters alike will find this handsome book full of useful information and practical advice.

    "This 1939 classic summarizes the state of birds and bird hunting just before World War II and is illustrated by Philip Rickman's timeless watercolors." ├╣Chris Camuto, Gray's Sporting Journal

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