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    Fly Tying: #3 The Angler'S Art Dvd

    Stimulator, Bomber, Ugly Rudamus; T.D.C. Nymph, Blue Wing Olive Parachute, Poly-wing Spinner; Casual Dress Nymph, Muskrat Nymph, & Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph. VHS, 90 min.

    Item No:
    B3045 DVD 1
    ISBN: 0-KWSU-0020-0
    Author: Dave Engerbretson & LeRoy Hyatt
    $22.95 $22.03


    Program 107: Stimulator, Bomber, Ugly Rudamus
    Two flies have really captured the interest of many anglers. One, the Stimulator, is a very versatile dry fly that is effective anywhere for many species of fish and when tied in various sizes and colors can represent either grasshoppers, stoneflies, or caddis. The other is the Bomber which was designed for a very specific purpose: to skate on the surface and bring up big steelhead. Bass anglers have also discovered it to be a good bass pattern for either large or small mouth fish.

    Program 108: T.D.C. Nymph, Blue Wing Olive Parachute, Poly-Wing Spinner
    Chironomids or "midges" are important insects in lakes and spring creeks. A popular western lake pattern is the T.D.C. Nymph. But don't let the name "midge" fool you. This fly is big and it catches big trout. A popular style of tying high floating, soft-landing dry flies is with parachute hackle. We'll illustrate this technique with the Blue Wing Olive Parachute but the technique can be used on almost any standard dry fly. Another dry fly that can be tied in a wide range of sizes and colors to represent the spinner stage of almost any mayfly is the Poly-Wing Spinner--a simple and very effective pattern when trout are feeding upon this stage of the mayfly.

    Program 109: Muskrat Nymph, Casual Dress Nymph, Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph
    Most experienced fly fishers know that an angler who can fish nymphs well will consistently catch more trout than by any other technique. This show presents three nymph patterns which can form the foundation of any nymph box. The Casual Dress developed many years ago by famed Oregon fly tier, Polly Rosborough, was originally tied to represent a stonefly but in a variety of sizes and colors and can represent many nymphs. The Muskrat and the Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear are two generic nymph patterns that are effective anywhere and belong in every angler's nymph box.

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