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    British Single Shot Rifles, Vol. 6 Webley, Kynoch, & Eley

    One of the rarest & finest quality single shots made by any British firm is described. 323 pgs.

    Item No:
    B19728 Hardcover -2
    ISBN: 0-RP-160
    Author: Wal Winfer
    $75.00 $72.00


    Volume 6. The story of the Webley firm, the largest arms manufacturer in England & the single shot rifles they produced. These include the Scott-Field, Webley-Wyley, Model of 1897 & the famous Model of 1902 & Rook rifles. Cartridge development by Webley is also covered. A large section of the book is devoted to the cartridge making firms Eley & Kynoch. Covered is their evolution as a company, mergers & problems they encounted with the then new smokeless powder.

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